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The strength of our structural department lies in its ability to follow every phase of a design.

Our primary goal is one: the final product.

Thanks to its consolidated experience and ability to interact and coordinate all the actors involved in a project, Hydro Tec faces the structural project with a clear and complete vision of all the production phases following the metal carpentry. Hence, already in the structural project, it succeeds in optimising the workings for the installation of the mechanical components, fittings and furnishings and for the realisation of the finishes, determining a significant saving of time and costs for the shipyard. The structural department, making use of the most modern calculation methodologies, is also able to support enterprising architectural solutions, always proposing effective and efficient solutions.

Hydro Tec’s experience ranges from composite structures to steel and aluminium structures, yacht structures of all kinds, where refinement and attention to detail make every solution adopted and every construction detail unique, with the aim of making the dreams and expectations of the end user come true.

Hydro Tec has worked with all the major Classification Societies, having acquired a deep knowledge and ability to gain full class approvals, in the most efficient and effective way. 

Whether operating as the sole structural design provider or collaborating to enhance a client's current team, Hydro Tec is able, thanks to its flexible and integrated approach, and both when in charge of the entire project or a part of it,to offer proficient, adaptable, and expandable services that empower the clients undertake and accomplish even the most demanding and intricate projects.

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Our mission is to exceed expectations with every project, by overcoming the known limits, without settling for the results already obtained, but always striving to improve them.

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